After more than 20 years of operating a jewelry store in St. Petersburg, Florida we have learned a few things about the care and value of fine jewelry and luxury watches. We're happy to share this knowledge with you.

Anniversary Gift Ring CollectionAccording to and, here is a list of traditional gifts for wedding anniversaries.  While we have exactly what you need for the 10th, 14th and 20th anniversaries, we can help you with the perfect gift for any anniversary or occasion.

  1st Anniversary  Paper, Clocks
  2nd Anniversary Cotton, China
  3rd Anniversary  Leather, Crystal
  4th Anniversary Fruit, Flowers, Appliances
  5th Anniversary Wood, Silverware
  6th Anniversary Candy, Iron, Wood
  7th Anniversary Wool, Copper, Desk Sets
  8th Anniversary  Bronze, Pottery, Linens, Lace
  9th Anniversary  Pottery, Willow, Leather
  10th Anniversary Tin, Aluminum, Diamond Jewelry
  11th Anniversary Steel, Fashion Jewelry
  12th Anniversary Silk or Linen, Pearls
  13th Anniversary  Lace, Textiles or Furs
  14th Anniversary  Ivory, Gold Jewelry
  15th Anniversary  Watches, Crystal
  16th Anniversary  Silver Holloware
  17th Anniversary  Furniture
  18th Anniversary Porcelain
  19th Anniversary Bronze
  20th Anniversary China, Platinum
  21st Anniversary Brass, Nickel
  22nd Anniversary  Copper
  23rd Anniversary  Silver Plate
  24th Anniversary Musical Instruments
  25th Anniversary  Silver
  26th Anniversary  Original Pictures
  27th Anniversary  Sculpture
  28th Anniversary  Orchids
  29th Anniversary  Furniture
  30th Anniversary  Pearl, Diamond
  31st Anniversary  Time Pieces
  32nd Anniversary  Conveyances
  33rd Anniversary  Amethyst
  34th Anniversary  Opal
  35th Anniversary  Coral, Jade
  36th Anniversary  Bone China
  37th Anniversary  Alabaster
  38th Anniversary  Beryl, Tourmaline
  39th Anniversary  Lace
  40th Anniversary  Ruby
  41st Anniversary Land
  42nd Anniversary  Improved Real Estate
  43rd Anniversary  Travel
  44th Anniversary  Groceries
  45th Anniversary  Sapphire
  46th Anniversary  Original Poetry
  47th Anniversary  Books
  48th Anniversary  Optical Goods
  49th Anniversary  Luxuries
  50th Anniversary  Gold
  51st Anniversary Blue Sapphire
  52nd Anniversary Ruby
  55th Anniversary Emerald
  60th Anniversary  Yellow Diamond, Diamond
  65th Anniversary Star Sapphire, Gray
  67th Anniversary  Star Sapphire, Purple
  75th Anniversary Diamonds, Diamond-Like Stones, Gold
  80th Anniversary Diamond, Pearl
  85th Anniversary Diamond, Sapphire
  90th Anniversary  Diamond, Emerald
  95th Anniversary Diamond, Ruby
  100th Anniversary 10K Diamond


How Do You Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring?

It's the biggest choice of your life -- besides, of course, choosing to get married in the first place!  So, how do you find an engagement ring that shows your special someone just how you feel AND make sure that she loves it, too?

You could opt for an "engagement setting", which is a temporary setting that your diamond sits in so that you have something to propose with.  After she says "yes", both of you can head to the jewelry store and pick out a permanent setting together.  That way, you're guaranteed to wind up with something that she loves!

But what if you want to do everything yourself?  How do you pick the perfect engagement ring?

1.  Look at her existing jewelry

Taking a quick spin through her jewelry box when she's not looking will give you some big clues as to what kind of engagement ring she's looking for.  For example, you'll find out whether she prefers white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.  You'll also get to see if she prefers traditional jewelry designs or pieces that are more modern.

Taking her existing jewelry into account is especially important if there are certain pieces she wears every day -- like the gold bracelet her parents gave her or the silver necklace she won't go anywhere without.  After all, her new engagement ring will have to complement them!

2.  Find a jeweler that can be your "partner in crime"

A smaller store is much more likely to work with you from start to finish than a big chain is.  They'll also be happy to answer any questions you may have -- no matter how many of them you've got!  A good jewelry store will even help you create a custom engagement ring if you want something that's totally unique.

3.  Consider her fingers

Does the love of your life have short fingers?  If so, a wide band will make them look shorter.  Or, does she have long, skinny fingers?  If so, a "long" diamond (like an oval or a pear) will make them look even longer.

4.  Opt for clarity and color

Since you budget probably won't allow you to buy the biggest, most flawless diamond in the store, you need to choose wisely.  That means you've got to opt on the side of clarity and color!  After all, a bunch of carats aren't nearly as exciting if the diamond itself is cloudy or full of flaws.  Remember, true engagement ring success means having everyone "ooh" and "ahh" whenever she shows it off!

Diamond Selection GuideDiamond grading is subjective. The location of inclusions can mean that not all diamonds with the same grade are the same. The same quantity and size of inclusions on 2 diamonds with the same VS grade can look drastically different because of their location, and their orientation to the desired setting.

The 4 C’s of Diamond Buying according to the GIA: carat, cut, color and clarity.


A diamonds size is measured in Carat Weight. Each diamond carat is also equal to 100 points. For example, a diamond that is a ½ carat can also be referred to as a 50 point diamond.


The cut of the diamond is also referred to as the shape. Shapes include Round Brilliant, Princess Cut, Emerald Cut, Marquise Cut, Oval Cut, Radiant Cut, Pear Shape, Heart shaped and Assher Cut. When a diamond is cut to good proportions, light is refracted from one facet to another, then dispersed through the top of the diamond. A well cut diamond - regardless of its shape - sparkles, has more fire, and offers the greatest brilliance. 


Color is the natural body color visible in a diamond and is the one C determined completely by nature, not man. As a rule, the closer a diamond is to colorless, the more valuable and beautiful it is. Diamond colors appear in a range from D to Z. Color grades D, E and F are considered colorless, making them rare; grades G, H and I are near colorless; and grades J down are going to have a considerable amount of color. 


Clarity is an indication of a diamond's purity. When a rough stone is extracted from carbon, deep beneath the earth, tiny traces of natural elements are almost always trapped inside. These elements are called inclusions, though sometimes they are referred to as birthmarks, because they are formed naturally and are unique to each stone. Clarity ranges from flawless (FL); internally flawless (IF); very, very slightly included (VVS1-VVS2); very slightly included (VS1-VS2); slightly included (SI1-SI3); and included (I1-I3).

No matter what type of jewelry you're looking for, you have to be careful about where you buy it.  Whether you're looking for something valuable or that’s simply different from anything else, the jewelry store you pick will ultimately determine how great you look!

Here's how to tell if you've picked the right jewelry store:

1.  They've got a big selection

Since you're going to put so much effort into finding a quality jewelry retailer, the last thing you want to have to do is search around every time you need another piece of jewelry!   Luckily, a good store will offer everything from engagement rings, to luxury watches, to designer earrings, to one-of-a-kind bracelets, and more.  No matter what you want to wear, they'll have it for you!

2.  They'll be happy to give you an explanation

All diamonds aren't created equally!  If you want to make the perfect purchase, you'll need to understand the cut, the color, AND the clarity.  That's why it's so important to find a jewelry store that will take the time to explain all of these things.  They'll also give you the "grade" for each of your potential diamonds so that you know you're getting the most bang for your buck.

3.  They'll have a good history

If your jewelry store has been around for years and years, you can rest easy knowing you've made a good decision!  After all, the less-than-stellar retailers don't survive very long.

4.  They'll have trained eyes

The jewelry appraisal you get is only as good as the expert who gives it to you!  If your appraiser doesn't have a trained eye, he may miss something important -- something that could cost you big-time down the road.

As an added benefit, those trained eyes will ensure that your jewelry store only has the very best pieces to choose from!

5.  They'll place a big emphasis on the details

After all, the details are what separate good jewelry from great jewelry!  A good retailer will help you create a custom piece, pick out the best materials, and even offer top-notch "other stuff" so that your jewelry is as strong, sturdy, and beautiful as possible.

6.  They'll have an ability to make your old jewelry look as good as new

No matter how careful you are, jewelry will always get dirty, and there's always a chance that something will eventually break.  (After all, these are teeny-tiny pieces we’re talking about!)  Luckily, a good jewelry store will handle all of its repairs on-site, so that you never have to worry about your stuff leaving your sight!